• Room thermostat supply & fit – £80
  • Cylinder thermostat supply & fit -£90
  • Control Clock supply & fit – £80 to £ 140
  • Boiler time clock , supply & fit – £70 to £130

Basic Checks

Central Heating Not Working At All:

Has the boiler pilot gone out? Relighting instructions are usually on the boiler cover.

Check the electrical RCDs even if you have gas central heating.

Bleeding the radiators solves many central heating problems.

Central heating clocks can be ‘reset’ to the incorrect time without the home owner knowing.

Always check the timer is set to the correct time and the AM and PM setting is correct.

A ‘light tap’ with a hammer frees a lot of stuck central heating valves (be careful).

Is the electricity supply on? Check the RCDs and fuses in the central heating supplies.